Digital stories, Live streaming and Slow TV


by Yuwei Lin

University of Roehampton, UK

7-9.5 (room 30017)

Live streaming has democratized media. New business models have emerged in the gaming, music, tv and radio industries through live streaming. People can easily broadcast themselves on social media because of live streaming. Live streaming on social media provides an instant solution to communicating to a mass audience, but is there much storytelling on these live channels? Contrast to fast-paced live streaming activities, there is a slow tv movement gradually gaining momentum. Norwegian programme 'Bergensbanen: minutt for minutt' (a real-time recording of a train journey, from Bergen to Oslan in 2009) is a classique.

In this workshop, we will look at good practice for live streaming and making slow TV. By exploring the convergence of both, we can get a better understanding of what makes live streaming and slow TV interesting, and how we can apply the knowledge in making spontaneous, short, personal, multimedia scraps of TV that people can make for themselves (digital stories).

The schedule for this three-day workshop is:

Day 1 Concepts about live streaming, slow TV and digital stories
Day 2 Hands-on live streaming and digital storytelling
Day 3 Broadcast your stories live from Mediapolis

About Yuwei

"Dr Yuwei Lin is a whimsical sociologist whose work has focused on participatory culture, free and open source software, big data and open data. Over the last decade, she has taught on a variety of programmes in the UK, including the BSc (Hons) Computer Video Games at the University of Salford, BA (Hons) Media and Communications at the University for the Creative Arts, BA (Hons) Journalism Studies at University of Stirling, and BA (Hons) Digital Media at the University of Roehampton. Follow her @DrYuweiLin on Twitter or visit her blog at"