Experience the Art of Chinese Painting

Qianyan Zhao

by Qianyan Zhao

Tue 7.5 – Wed 8.5 9:00-16:00
(room 30017)

Living in the age of globalization, you may have experienced some of the Chinese culture, but are you familiar with the aesthetic expression of Chinese ideology – Chinese Painting? Chinese painting, known as “guo hua” in Chinese, is mainly drawn on the silk or paper, and it involves the use of brush, ink and paint. With its uniqueness and honored history, Chinese painting offers insights into the traditional Chinese aesthetic standards and philosophy. “See the invisible, hear the silence.” The art of Chinese painting allows you to express your creativity, calm your mind, and guide you to appreciate the beauty of art and nature. Come to experience the art of Chinese painting here! Use the brush and ink to create your masterpiece, and get an insight of Chinese philosophy.

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About Qianyan Zhao

“Qianyan Zhao is a visiting scholar in TAMK. She graduated with Master of Fine Arts from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, China, in 2006. She has been engaged in Pure Painting Art, Illustration Design and the integration of traditional language and modern design. Her works have been included in several exhibitions and won awards.”