Photography artists during iWeek 2019

Roland Kraemer

My name is Roland Kraemer and I am a photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. My photographic work focuses mostly on the outdoors and the landscapes that surround all of us. With my pictures I try to capture the moment of joy you feel being outside in a minimalistic style. I always strive to create a connection between pictures and written words reflecting upon my view on the world. Honest and real. From time to time I like to explore different fields of photography to find a balance to my work as landscape photographer.

Title: RUN
Artist: Roland Kraemer
Year of creation: 2018
Medium: digital photography

RUN is an experimental book concept and picture series about the fear of facing yourself. The picture series tells the story of a young man that tries to solve a problem he is confronted with by running away from it. He runs and runs. Until he falls. He realizes that he needs to change his direction and that there is just one way to overcome his problem. He has to face the problem. With a clear mind. He has to face himself.

Aleksandra Näveri

Title: Cicatrix (the Effect)
Artist: Aleksandra Näveri
Year of creation: 2019
Medium: digital photography

In a modern world, people are very focused on perfectionism and we tend to show only our best parts to others because we are afraid of disapproval or criticism. Scars are frequently perceived as imperfect and ugly but it’s also something much more bigger than just a mark on the skin. The pictures are part of my photo book carrying the same title.

Ghadi Al Alam

Ghadi is a 19 year old, lebanese, cinema student at the Saint Joseph University of Beirut. His main focus in life is filmmaking and cinematography, but is greatly interested in photography as it is his main hobbie. In photography, he essentially likes to explore the beauty of nature and it’s entanglement with human emotions. He’s developed this everlasting passion for the visual arts at a very young age, and has been developing his skills ever since.

Title: Ne me quitte pas.
Artist: Ghadi Al Alam
Year of creation: 2018
Medium: digital photography

The following images were taken as part of the Photo Project course in the Media & Arts curriculum. The main idea of the photo-book is “Loss” which can be seen in the Main Title “Ne me quitte pas”, a title that translates to “Don’t leave me” in French. It’s the expression of a certain fear of loss or abandonment. These pictures are an attempt at freezing sentimental moments, something that is impossible in real life. I’m unable to stop the sun from setting in the afternoon, all I can do is take a picture and cherish the colors of the sky at that certain space and time. It’s a cycle we have no control over. I find a very interesting connection and similarity between nature and human beings and I enjoy exploring that in my work.

Anna Värri

My name is Anna Värri, I am a Tampere based emerging artist. My background is mostly in drawing and painting, but I try not to let the limitations of a specific medium hold me back and I’m always striving to find the right medium for the right kind of expression. Among other cultural phenomena, I am fascinated by hidden power relations that manifest in everyday life. In my work I try to unfold them and understand them on a fundamental level.

Title: Presence
Artist: Anna Värri
Year of creation: 2018
Medium: digital photographs

The conventions of Christianity have deep roots in Finnish history and society. These symbols and conventions often go unnoticed in the form of holiday ornaments, store windows and even the Finnish flag. All of these symbols represent the presence of Christianity. What kind of power do these symbols and the values they represent, hold? Who benefits from their existence? And how does the presence of these values still continue to affect our lives?

Luiza Preda

I was born in 1996 in Romania. In the last years, I used extensively photography combined with installations. Recently, video art has become part of my practice, too. The most important thing for me is the experience. I often work intuitively. I want to create work that speaks for itself. I am not a fan of long and pretentious concepts. My main focus is to make the viewer feel something.

Title: Another type of homesickness
Artist: Luiza Preda
Year of creation: 2017
Medium: digital photographs

I belong and I do not belong – neither here nor there.

Another Type of Homesickness is a 2-year project that I started making when I was travelling in Romania between Cluj-Napoca (the city I was studying) to Galati (the city I was born). I began editing this series 6 months ago as I moved permanently to Finland and I started missing home. All the material was shot from the car or from the train window. This project is about a foreigner’s mixed feelings trapped between two worlds and about how post-processing effects in digital photography can play a role in communicating the main idea behind a project.