International mindset: use boundaries to break borders


by Hilde Spille

Paperclip Agency, The Netherlands

8.5 9:30-12:00 (room 30011)

If you want to make it in the music business or in another artistic field, you have to break borders. I'm talking about borders in a male dominated environment and about country borders. When breaking borders, you have to deal with a different cultural mindset, which often leads to alienation and misunderstandings.

This workshop is about you, and about your questions. Working in an unfamiliar environment will put many habits and beliefs that you rely on in your daily life into perspective. It feels like a void where you can only depend on yourself. The foundation though can be found within yourself. With several practical exercises you will learn a couple of basic principles on how to set boundaries for yourself in order to find hold in a strange environment. The boundaries will give you the flexibility to find your way without alienating from yourself.

About Hilde

"In 1988 Hilde Spille moved from Germany to the Netherlands to study feminist theology. In 1994 she got her MA in cultural psychology. Hilde works as international booking agent at Paperclip Agency since, where she books shows and tours for artists from all over the world, among them Pussy Riot, I Muvrini, Balkan Beat Box, Sass Jordan and many more. Since 2002 she also works as talent buyer for Conincx Pop Festival. In 2012 Hilde started Compass for Creatives. On her blog she gives advice to artists about mental challenges, she gives guest lectures and mental coaching too."