Introducing our talented artists that will be displaying their amazing photo works during iWeek!

Roland Kraemer

My name is Roland Kraemer and I am a photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. My photographic work focuses mostly on the outdoors and the landscapes that surround all of us. With my pictures I try to capture the moment of joy you feel being outside in a minimalistic style. I always strive to create a connection between pictures and written words reflecting upon my view on the world. Honest and real. From time to time I like to explore different fields of photography to find a balance to my work as landscape photographer.

Aleksandra Näveri

In a modern world, people are very focused on perfectionism and we tend to show only our best parts to others because we are afraid of disapproval or criticism. Scars are frequently perceived as imperfect and ugly but it’s also something much more bigger than just a mark on the skin. The pictures are part of my photo book carrying the same title.

Ghadi Al Alam

Ghadi is a 19 year old, lebanese, cinema student at the Saint Joseph
University of Beirut. His main focus in life is filmmaking and cinematography, but is greatly interested in photography as it is his main hobbie. In photography, he essentially likes to explore the beauty of nature and it’s entanglement with human emotions. He’s developed this everlasting passion for the visual arts at a very young age, and has been developing his skills ever since.

Anna Varri

My name is Anna Värri, I am a Tampere based emerging artist. My background is mostly in drawing and painting, but I try not to let the limitations of a specific medium hold me back and I’m always striving to find the right medium for the right kind of expression. Among other cultural phenomena, I am fascinated by hidden power relations that manifest in everyday life. In my work I try to unfold them and understand them on a fundamental level.