Tools and Fools

The students of the Painting and Drawing minor in 2019 had an exhibition Tools and Fools, presenting their course work during iWeek2019.

Anniina Nummela

In brief about me and my exhibition pieces: I am a Finn who has lived most of her life as an ex-pat in Asia, but now lives and studies in Tampere. Important themes in my artworks include, for example, my family and friends, mental health and visual design. I am interested in exploring different styles, techniques, and mediums in my works and continuously develop and improve as an artist. My works in the iWeek exhibit
include painting of me and my siblings “Papanat”, a painting of my dog “Lolly”, a floral drawing “Like Wildflowers” and a selection of works from a series “The Feeling Of”.
More of my work can be found on Instagram @mypurpleinspiration

Isabella Presnal

Look up

Hi, my name is Isabella Presnal, and I’m a Finnish- American painter and videographer. I am currently studying painting as a Fine Arts student at TAMK. In my paintings, I prefer photo realism, or as close to realism as I can achieve. Often, I do so to recreate a memory or have a sentimental painting. I also enjoy challenging myself with painting, by using more complicated subject matter to recreate. In my work I use acrylic, it allows me to work fast and keep creating.

The idea behind Look Up was to recreate interesting photos of architecture, specifically from the view of looking up. Architecture has always been interesting to me, how different buildings can be and how the surrounding can change the building. In addition to interesting architecture, Look Up is meant to explore sharing online. While half the works are based on my own photos, the other half is based on other photographers creating a “collab” piece. Thus, I created time-lapses of the process, posted online to be shared.

Julia Mäntylä

A Study On Colours (What A Boring Name)

I am Julia, a first-year Fine Art student at TAMK. When I look at our world, I see tremendously bold colors and shapes, all connected to one another. When I look inside my head, I see exactly the same things, but they are warped and dreamlike, bent and intertwined. The world produces these fantastic things nonstop and my head does the same. All these visuals create the foundation of my art. It is an attempt to understand this reality.

About the artworks: I’ve always had a strong relationship with colours. The way colours and different shades affect each other in our world fascinates me. So I thought, how can I use colour as it is, without using it for drawing or making something? How can I only use the colours themselves? This was one of the simplest ways to do it. I wanted to study the relationships between different colours, and having a quick, direct medium like markers was an important factor. I wasn’t looking to create colour, I wanted to use the colours that already existed and see how they reacted. I deliberately chose to go freehanded, without any sketching, so the result would feel more alive.

Matias Hilpinen


Hello, my name is Matias Hilpinen and I’m an artist from Tampere. My works are mostly drawings and paintings of my surroundings. Learning how our world is visually constructed and developing different styles and techniques that I can eventually use masterfully to create visually interesting work is something that I think is an important part of my professional career as an artist.

“Progress” is a series of oil paintings about nature’s evolvement in the spring and also mine as a painter. Larger paintings of the series came first and they are based on photographs I took of the nature of my home city. Smaller ones are en plein air paintings done in the forests of my childhood. This is a way for me to improve as an artist while doing it in a way that inspires me. A large part of this project is going into the woods and observing nature and having encounters with animals in the forest. This way I’m more connected to my paintings and hopefully, that will show visually in the works.

Natalija Sari Dakovic

The Last Tree

I am a 21 years old artist that is half-Finnish half-Serbian. I was born here in Finland but have lived most of my life in Belgrade, Serbia. I moved back to Finland in the year 2018 to come and study culture and arts, fine arts here in Tampere University of Applied Sciences. In Serbia, I went to atelier for a few years where I was learning life drawing and painting. And then after that, I studied for one year sculpting at the University of Applied Sciences in Belgrade where I took part in an exhibition with my classmates there. But I wanted to travel a bit and get back to painting and I knew the Finnish language so when I saw the opportunity to study that here in Tampere I took it and went with it.

Expressive and sincere is something I strive to be with my art. It is a way of communicating with myself and with others. At the limits of language art in all of its forms is what takes over.

One of my favorite things about art is how our subconscious has so much space to revile itself there. And I try and incorporate that into my art as much as possible. I believe we have started to value our concuss awareness a bit too much in today’s world. Some of our problems sometimes require an irrational solution.

“The Last Tree”.

This is the last tree, the last one we have. All the rest have died out because of us. So we hold on to it, we hold on because it is all we have left in this cruel and dying world. And how much will this one last, no one knows?
Things were going good once for us, everything was great, better than ever some would say. There was growth and improvement in our species.
But everything was changing so fast no one was able to keep up. Sadly thing was just going a bit better before they became worse than they ever were… We did not see where we were, we did not understand our place nor the times. We were not evil, we were not cruel, not all of us at least. Just lost and blind. Thrown in a strange and overwhelming world, we failed to orientate, we failed to pay attention to what was important. Sometimes late at night before sleep I wonder, I wonder could have things been different somehow. Was there even a chance. Maybe if we had just known truly, maybe we could have done something and changed our ways. I don’t know, who could even know something like that now. All I know is I wish I could just wake up and everything was different and everything was alright. But that is not possible for me nor for us anymore. But you, yes you over there, maybe you could do that, just maybe you could still wake up.

Misa Saraste


About me: I’m a first-year student in TAMK, Bachelor of Media and Fine Arts. In 2018 I graduated as a visual artisan. I’m also a singer in a punk band called Jenna Jopo and a single mom.

Art doesn’t have to be so serious. Art is important but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun as well. In the Meme -series I wanted to play with self-portraits. Having fun with the composition, the expressions and even hiding the face I wished to create an unusual perspective towards self-portrait. In the internet world, while people seek acceptance with the multiple selfies published daily, evaluating and criticizing people by their looks has become normal. That I also wanted to point out with my series. Sending memes can have an impact on someone, even though they shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Or should they? Meme, or me me, is also a wordplay
because one can find many me’s in the self-portrait series.

Soyoung Chung

Touch me

My name is “Soyoung Chung” and I’m from South Korea. I have studied Kuopio Academy of Design in Kuopio and I’m currently studying Bachelor of Media and Arts at TAMK since 2018. I’m also working as an artist based in Finland. I had held my first personal exhibition at Kuopio in 2017. I’m very interested in feeling, connection and interacting with everything with my art. My artworks usually have a very emotional connection with viewers in different ways. I have been exploring and engaging deeper interaction with viewers through my artworks and I usually create artworks in which the audience can even participate in order to make them feel it closer such as “Second Sense” and “Inside Out”.

“Second Sense”.

We usually use only one sense, vision to feel the painting. How about we use two senses at the same time when we see the painting? Second Sense is a painting series. It has 3 paintings combining 2 different senses. There are “Touch Me” combined vision and touching, “Smell Me” combined vision and smelling and “Listen To Me” combined vision and hearing. Viewers are allowed to touch “Touch Me” work, smell the “Smell Me and hear “Listen To Me”. I used the impasto technique to build up nice texture on canvas for “Touch Me” work and I collaged ground cinnamon for “Smell Me”. I installed a speaker behind the canvas for “Listen To Me” work so they can touch, smell and hear from the paintings once viewers come closer. I have been trying figuring out closer and deeper interaction with viewers by my work so I came up with this idea that adding more senses to vision in order to feel with the audience closer.

Roni Sydämäki


I am Roni Sydänmäki, an artist and graphic designer based in Tampere, Finland. I make art to express myself, first and foremost. This is why my identity and mental health are recurring themes in my art. I hope others who are facing the same kinds of issues can also relate to them though. Most of all I like to depict characters. Humans, animals, aliens… If it’s alive, it’s my jam.

“Tit_off” description: A transgender artist’s self-portrait. Depiction of growing more comfortable with your own body after starting medical transitioning, gender dysphoria and its weakening power over your mental state.

Seyoon Yoon

Summer 2017

I am Seyoon Yoon. I am from Seoul, South Korea and now I’m studying Fine art in TAMK. I don’t really have a specific interest but the environments surrounding me gives inspiration all the time. I enjoy painting or taking photos of my friends or family. They are my inspirations. But these days I’m trying to figure about myself more and express the feelings I felt in art. I usually work with oil or acrylic and pencil.

“Summer 2017”: I been to travel with my family to Gangreung in Korea. I took the photo in there. I still can remember how beautiful the day it was. So I decided to capture the part of my memory with painting.

Veera Hanhiniemi

I’m Veera Hanhiniemi, a 24-year-old art student from Tampere, Finland. At the moment I’m studying a minor in painting as a part of my Fine Arts degree at TAMK. In my previous studies, I’ve done a minor in Art Education at Tampere University. I draw my inspiration from everyday life and simple everyday moments. I try to make passing moments last by recreating those feelings and atmospheres in my paintings. For me, painting is a physical way of showing emotion and therefore my work is not too polished but rather rough.

I enjoy experimenting with different mediums and working methods as I have for the series “Kahvitaukoja – Coffee Breaks”. For a week in February 2019, I drew every cup of coffee I drank, then dated and numbered the drawings that I then turned into monoprints. Some of these prints I’ve chosen to be shown as a series with the acrylic painting “Express-o” created during the same week as the prints. Taking a break and sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee is strongly part of Finnish culture and for me often the time when I share my thoughts with people close to me or get closer with those who I’ve just met. The series is a depiction of moments taken to stop for a while and not hurry anywhere.