Video Installations from International Week 2019

Anna Värri, Jenny Vesiväki, Elina Knuutinen

Title: Front Window

The neighbour is playing music way too loud.
In Hitchcock’s Rear Window, Jeff was shameless.
Are you?

Front Window is a hole between us and the loud neighbour. It is a boundary overstepped by music, at least. Sometimes you just have to find out what is happening on the other side of the wall.

Janna Lumiruusu

Title: Tampere 360

Tampere 360 is a video installation that projects an omnidirectional view in a handmade tent-like flexible structure. Making use of a 180° spherical mirror, it projects the 360° image of Näsijärvi, Särkäniemi, the city center, Pispala, and Lentävänniemi. The photographs were taken from Onkiniemi beach on the 4th of November 2018 from 00:43 to 02:20. Watching the stars traverse the sky, the city lights ripple on the water and the polar lights dancing in the North; this 2.56-minute looping video gives the sense of a moving painting. With an atmosphere of solitude and ease, Joanna Brouk’s electroacoustic piece “The Space Between” produces the rhythms and melodies in synchronicity with the waves of time: senseful, ongoing and patient. This artwork is also a commentary on the regulation of our every day, as each image progresses in one-second intervals, much like the hurried and measured pace of city life.

Jonathan Carey, Luiza Preda, Janna Lindfors

Title: Disconnect

In a digitalized world, the modern person is struggling with the dizziness of Everyday life. With the promise that technology will make our life easier, in reality, it will be the only thing to do. The high level of suffocation will result in an Escape attempt.

Chanyanuch Aiemruksa, Chompoonut Tweesukstian, Bahar Gözmener

Title: Growing

Using solid, liquid and gas to narrate the different states of matter of human life stages. Solid, liquid and gas are known as states that can be shaped and changed through certain conditions just like human life can be shaped through different conditions of time and experiences. By experimenting with the sound and timing of each video, Growing portrays our time perception of real-life during each stage. From when we were young and time tends to fly until we grow older and time slows down.

Jasmin Gams, Petra Vuorinen

Title: Perspectives

In “Perspectives” we explore different points of view and different responses from 5 people on the same question “What is the most powerful thing someone has ever said to you?”. We hope the work will help people find different perspectives on things and to look and learn from other people and their experiences.

Saif Khalifa, Minh Pham

Title: Self

This visual artwork is an atypical depiction of how our ever-changing contemporary society is influencing our lives. The world is in constant change and evolution at a fast rate, and with that change, we humans have to try to catch up with its pace. Thus, influencing our perception of true living; making us blind and forgetful sometimes to pay attention to ourselves, our inner peace and states of mind, even to the mundane little things that make us happy. With the dramatic social, political and technological changes of our era, we are driven to race and disregard our feelings of being content or enjoying the simplest things in life. So, are we really living and getting the true essence of life or have we lost the balance between our ‘self’ and our world?

Minh Pham

Title: Till feathers have grown enough for the bird to fly away

“Till feathers have grown enough for the bird to fly away” is a moving image installation telling the story of youngsters leaving their parents’ nurture to encounter adulthood. When a bird is born, it needs to be feed, kept warm, protected and educated from its parents. With the changes of time, the bird grows up and there is finally a day when they have to leave its dearest nest to fly away and learn to survive on its own. It has never been an easy job, to both the one who flies away and the ones who stay and let it go.

The name and the idea of the work is inspired by my father, who is very calm and experienced in life. As an introverted person, I have always received encouragement from my father to step out of my comfort zone to the world outside and discover it since that is the only way for a bird to learn to fly. When I decided to leave my former university to study abroad, he told me that once again as he was happy that his son is like a bird having enough feathers to fly away then.

Bahar Gözmener

Title: Ipseity

Director: Bahar Gözmener
Camera Assistant: Saifeldeen Khalif
Featuring Hyojin Kim

Ipseity means selfhood or individual identity, something my generation is especially struggling with nowadays. Everyone is so present in social media, constantly posting and sharing their lives. It almost seems as if everyone is creating a virtual version of themselves, adding a second layer, almost like a filter to their reality. This can feel pressuring, almost as if this layer is becoming your second skin and constraining you. But what happens when you strip this layer off? What remains?

Luiza Preda

Title: The Witness

The idea behind this video installation lays in the title – Every person is a witness. With the help of the eyes, the world is seen and perceived. The camera plays the role of the other witness, the one free of attachment, the neutral observer of life. The relationship between the camera and the camera-man or the photographer is what intrigues me. The idea behind this video installation lays in the title – Every person is a witness. It is true that with the help of the eyes, the world is seen and perceived/ The camera plays the role of the other witness free of attachment, the neutral observer of life. But when the camera meets the eye, something is changed. Both parts are transformed and the result can be miraculous.

Title: The Dreamer

It is an experimental project that explores what happens inside someone’s brain in the process of dreaming.

Carl Gustav Yung was concerned with the same issue, affirming that: “Dreams are impartial, spontaneous products of the unconscious psyche, outside the control of the will. They are pure nature; they show us the unvarnished, natural truth (…).” Part of our subconscious, dreams are still seen as an entrance to the inner world. Some affirm that through meditation, you can access the same realm from where the dreams come from.

Title: The Owner

In a man-made world, the human being becomes the proud owner. The desires are increasing in number every day and the shelves are filled with objects. This video analyses the nightmare of the owner who is moving out and the relation between him and his stuff.

Janna Lindfors

Title: Pet me

Pet Me is a story of loneliness and the need for affection. It reflects memories and feelings from childhood, showing how they have affected to adulthood.

Title: Virvatuuli (Will o’ the Wisp)

Virvatuli is a combination of something beautiful but unnatural. After fifty years of waiting, a dead animal is given back it’s noble features and magical abilities in the form of a video installation. The lights projected on the stuffed fox represent it’s soul, the folktales of will o’ the wisp (virvatuli) and the magical abilities foxes have according to the mythology

Title: Under Surveillance

Under Surveillance in and observation of a person in her most private place. Today privacy is something you don’t gain by closing the curtains. The existence of social media and all the information of people gives anyone the possibility to examine you. Under Surveillance is a performative video installation. The existence of the camera is acknowledged, but the footage of ten hours gives glimpses to objective observing when from time to time the existence of the camera is forgotten and the situation happening is reality and not a reenactment.