10 Days to go!

Dear Friends,

happy to tell you that spring has arrived very early to Finland! This week has been warm, in Tampere temperature has been higher than in Spain or Greece, around +18-21 C! During some years we can’t enjoy this warmth even in the “summer”. I am curious to see how it will be after next week; it can be some snow again!

Our team, Maria Mikhaylova, Eva Jankovska, Alberto Reza Monroy are busy with arrangements – Maria is responsible of correspondence and info about workshops and guests, Eva is coordinating all the exhibitions, installations etc. of our students and Alberto is the “marketing master”, updating info to our website, Facebook and now also Instagram.
Follow us – there will be introduction to works of students in photo exhibitions, installations, info about the musicians and bands at United Studios and news about the weather!

Yesterday I had a meeting with Maria at the main campus and we took a selfie – actually Maria did, I am very bad with selfies! Hope that all my old friends can recognise me; I am dressed in my color turquoise just in case you don’t 😀
Have a nice weekend!
– Sohvi