March 8, 2017

Where are we now?

I am so excited to work for the 10th Art, Music and Media International Week with our team Lavinia and Armando! We started with full speed in January and the first draft of the programme will be published during the next days – hopefully!

I had my one year off from university last academic year and now when back in “business”, I feel lucky: I work with talented, creative students, my colleagues are active and have many ideas for the presentations and workshops. Most important part and best thing are our participants, our colleagues and friends around Europe that have send their proposals and are interested to come here to Mediapolis in April.

The first International week was organized year 2008, then named Tampere Art Factory, TAF. The idea for this type of international event came from our former Head of Degree programme and International coordinator Mr. Cai Melakoski and Head of Fine Arts, Mr. Juha Suonpää. Thanks to them and other active people from those days, TAMK Art, Music and Media is today more international than ever!

Sohvi Sirkesalo
International Coordinator / Lecturer

Version of the logo from year 2011, when the International week was called TAF.