April 27, 2016

Oh, that Tuesday!

The event is finally happening – it’s hard to believe after such a long time of preparations! Fanni Niemi-Junkola and me have started to work on the event in early September, last year. She has managed to get the Heads of Programmes interested in developing the event this time, and that’s frankly legendary! They dipped themselves into the process of developing the event happenings and structure, thinking hard on what the event should be like this year, what are the topics, and how we make students from different programmes collaborate (this is, perhaps, the hardest part) – all these challenges had to be tackled. It was a tough time of learning, both from our own mistakes and from the others. Being on this position for the very first time, Fanni has managed to grasp everything on the way, carrying out event organization from the scratch to the event we see today, the bright and quite different from what we are used to. And that is one great effort and great input she has done. As an Assistant, I had a pleasure working by her side, by a side of highly inspiring and bright lady. That’s why here is a special line to her: thank you for putting so much of yourself into the event, and starting a new phase in iWeek’s existence. Thank you!

Let’s also thank everybody who has contributed to the International Week: the heads of Media and Arts, Film & TV as well as Fine Arts departments have been constantly iterating the programme with us; the incoming guests from both partner universities and enterprises came all set and prepared for the event, ready to deliver great workshops and presentations; lastly, let’s not forget a trio of Lavinia, Isa and Nadia – 3 talents who have made the OFF programme happen – they are the ones who have given this amazing look to United Studios as well as helped to gather guests together.

Opening Ceremony


The event has started with the Opening Ceremony. Many guests of ours have already arrived to Tampere, and have visited us this morning. This is great to finally see the faces of the people you could only chat with via email for months!
Opening words were delivered by all the organizers, including Fanni, Heads and me, and even the Assistant Mayor of Tampere, Leena Kostiainen, has joined our opening ceremony! This year’s topics, Co-Creation and Learning & Earning Logics in Digital Era, were then spoken through as what they bring to us in both professional and personal ways. Besides, the topic of how we adapt to the world that’s changing so drastically was risen, too.





This year we were very lucky – two great guests have joined us in the morning! Philippe Luickx has given us a talk about his life and how he discovered his way to Entrepreneurship. It was a very inspiring talk for us all! He didn’t just tell his story, but shared his experience and all those things that he has managed to learn. Like it was said before – times are changing, and we should adapt accordingly. Just like that, the processes of getting recruited as well as the ways to present yourself as a future employee change, too. As a founder of a start-up, he has delivered something that no one else could to us – a glimpse into the mistakes that majority of us makes in our career, and what we should do to avoid making those mistakes as well.


Kati Kivinen, the Curator from Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art as well as a Member of International Association of Curators of Contemporary Art, has come to inspire the others, too! As a person of Art, she has told us about the current challenges in Fine Arts field. How do people perceive Art? What’s the value that Museums and its Coordinators carry nowadays? How should the standards be changed? All these questions were answered today, and it was gripping to hear.

“Graduated. Now What?” workshop

After a short lunch break our special guest, Philippe Luickx, have started his workshop titled “Graduated. Now What?” During this workshop the students have been going through stages of concept development, both learning new things and putting it into practice straight away, all in relation to the post-graduation time and getting recruited. The results of the workshops were various prototypes: some people created starter kit for companies, the others “Tinder for portfolios”. How awesome is that? Besides, Philippe remembered all 3 main components of a successful workshop: practice, fun and chocolate! 😀




Fine Arts Portfolio Review & Screening

The Fine Arts Portfolio Review has started with the open exhibition, prepared by our Fine Arts students. Special thanks to Iza Hernandez and Lavinia Colzani for setting up the space, and Fanni Niemi-Junkola which has gathered great professionals for the review. This event was a great start, a new implementation which will hopefully keep on happening in the oncoming years.

The “New Beginnings” exhibition have been dragging more and more people inside, most of which were spending quite some time viewing the works that were shown. Not only the paintings were presented – everything from video installations to portfolios could be seen.





At some point our guests from Fine Arts field (Kati Kivinen, Laura Köönikka, Anna Virtanen, Hanna Ojamo) as well as our guests from OCAD University, Canada (Peter Sramek, Meera M. Singh) have started to choose the portfolios to review. Many students were surrounding the “portfolio area”, listening carefully to what the professionals have to say about the works of their fellow students, and sometimes reflecting the same feedback on their own works.



The fun continued in Kino, where the Screening of the Moving Image students was held. The works were truly artsy, and just like before, they got reviewed.
All in all, it was a great experience to have, and hopefully the tradition of reviewing students’ works will continue in the years to come!


The day wrapped up with the “Desire” exhibition where both photographic and moving image works are presented at the Gallery Nykyaika. Still you have a chance to see the exhibition! The gallery is open until April 30.

To sum it up, the day went well! We hope you enjoyed the big start of iWeek, too.
Please, share your thoughts about the happenings – we’d be very happy to hear what you think.

Photos by: Joel Forsman
Text by: Anastasia Kozina