April 23, 2016

Advice for Creatives, pt.1

Creative Arts, issue from March 2016



At the end of the day you must be proud of the work you’ve done, so don’t make client happy. Instead, show the client only those options that you believe in wholeheartedly.



We are learning all the time. Being inquisitive, listening and talking means that you are constantly learning something new.



Keep work and life separate for the sake of sanity. Working long hours is rarely a necessity. Working smarter, not harder allows you to recharge your creative batteries, which makes for a much better result.



The fee you get reflects the trust that client placed in you.



Get your head down and work hard, and everything will be okay.



Push yourself to explore new challenges and have fun! As creatives, we are incredibly lucky to make career from doing the thing we love. It’s more than job.



Creativity may be important to you, but it’s often important to put business first. That comes down to educating yourself on all aspects of your business, including pricing, copyright, contracts and marketing. The business side is equally as important as creating the work.



Graphic design isn’t another kind of Fine Art, but a serious and valuable tool to convey clear messages beside tsunamis of rubbish.



Never stop being hungry for the new.



Stay relevant and reinvent yourself. There is risk-taking involved in this change, but it always makes life more meaningful.



Treat every new project of yours as if it’s the best one in your career. You’re the only person responsible for how successful the result will be.